Re: Reading just text in red

Tony Malykh

Not quite what you're looking for, but in my BrowserNav add-on, I have a keystroke "Jump to next format change" assigned to tilde key by default (`). You can use it to find the next word written in a different color, but then you'd have to still manually check the color for example with NVDA+F keystroke.



On 4/16/2021 1:36 PM, Fernando Henrique Botelho wrote:

Dear all,


Does NVDA offer a way to read only the text which is shown in red, or only the text which is shown in a color other than the predominant color in a given e-mail message or Word/Excel document?


I sometimes get e-mail messages where someone has made comments in a color which is different from that of the text being commented. I am hoping there is a quick way to tell NVDA to just read that portion of the document.






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