Re: Reading just text in red

Tony Malykh

It would work in any browse mode, not only in browser. In particular, it should work in MS Word. Not sure about Excel though, I am not familiar with how NVDA interacts with it. You also mentioned email messages - it should work in both Outlook and Thunderbird - and any other email client as long as they present email in HTML format.

On 4/26/2021 3:05 PM, Fernando Henrique Botelho wrote:

This would be perfect, except that I would need it on a normal application, rather than on the browser.


Thanks though, it is good to know of this add-on.






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Subject: Re: [nvda] Reading just text in red


Not quite what you're looking for, but in my BrowserNav add-on, I have a keystroke "Jump to next format change" assigned to tilde key by default (`). You can use it to find the next word written in a different color, but then you'd have to still manually check the color for example with NVDA+F keystroke.




On 4/16/2021 1:36 PM, Fernando Henrique Botelho wrote:

Dear all,


Does NVDA offer a way to read only the text which is shown in red, or only the text which is shown in a color other than the predominant color in a given e-mail message or Word/Excel document?


I sometimes get e-mail messages where someone has made comments in a color which is different from that of the text being commented. I am hoping there is a quick way to tell NVDA to just read that portion of the document.






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