Re: Focus keeps shifting in NVDA

Tyler Spivey

The first thing I would try is disabling NVDA's mouse tracking. You're probably moving the mouse, and it reads what's under it.

On 4/27/2021 5:51 AM, David Griffith wrote:
I think I must have inadvertently changed some verbosity setting  or focus  settings in NVDA.
My problem is that is keeps on making announcements from areas of the screen apart from the main Window in which I am working.
So for example I have just been listening to a lecture I recorded in VLC.
However NVDA keeps on interrupting the lecture by announcing things which are not at all useful like  for example most recently, “Show Desktop” and  “no new notifications”” which seem to relate to the Action Centre.
It seems to be announcing items and their status from the notification area and the Task Bar even when the focus is not on that area.
Does anybody know  why this might be happening and what I can do to resume normal focus verbosity.
Obviously I can turn speech off if listening to VLC but this is less useful if I am for example typing in Word.
David Griffith
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