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Jonathan COHN

A NVDA addon can be created for any program. There might be a slight issue if two different applications have the same binary name, since I believe the binary name is what NVDA keys off of for determining what add ons are enabled.
But I expect that what you are really interested in is can I make a specific program easier to use with an add-on. 
So, if there are parts of the application that the review cursor and/or the object review mode can find that you can’t get access to via the regular navigation, then there is a good chance that an add-onn could have a keyboard sequence or active monitor of that region. 
Another possibility is that a program provides a way for other programs to communicate with it but does not provide ways for the object review , review or regular navigation to work. Older Skype was like this and a Blind programmer was able to write a set of python commands to start and stop conversations. 

Hopefully this will get you some ideas, writing add-ons is not magic though and for programs that don’t want other programs messing with them like virus protection applications there is often little a person can do to use them.

On Apr 27, 2021, at 12:19 PM, Nicholas Stevens <nicolas.stevens@...> wrote:

Hi all,
How do I know if an add on or script can be made for NVDA to work with a specific program?
Nicholas Stevens

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