Re: Focus keeps shifting in NVDA

Luke Davis

Brian Vogel wrote:

movement by mouse or mousepad are not wanted, but I fail to understand the resistance to using the actual hard buttons for left and right click,
particularly on a laptop, when it's a simple matter to preclude mouse pointer movement.  It increases accessibility and minimizes the need to use multi-key
shortcuts for very commonly needed actions.  But to each their own
Well in my case, I use laptops more as portable desktops. Most of the time, I have a large keyboard connected through a KVM, and don't have to move my hands from the keyboard to use the numpad for nav, then reach up and hit the slash to click.
Whereas I might have to reach over, around, beside, etc., to get to the touchpad, and might at that point land on it in such a way as to move the pointer off of what I wanted, since I'm not in the laptop's muscle memory space at that point.

Of course when I'm using the laptop directly, I often have used the touchpad left/right click, especially on numpad-free laptops (although i don't buy those any more).


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