Re: question about automatic language switching in tony's enhancements addon

Tony Malykh


1. You're right; this is language code followed by regular expression for all letters of that language.
2. Assuming "el" is the right code for Greek, your line looks correct to me.
3.You can also google "regexp for greek" and compare yours to what other people are using.
4. Yes, you can delete Russian and Chinese - but it shouldn't affect anything.


On 4/28/2021 5:57 AM, Nikos Demetriou via wrote:

Sorry if my question was asked before.
I am interested about language switching in tony's enhancements addon but I got a bit confused.

I enabled the automatic switching checkbox and I had a look at the edit language map section.

I asume the first line is the English one.
It says:
If I Understand right the first part is the language code for English.

Then in the brackets we have got a-z in lower cace and then A-Z in capitals.

Do we need the first and the last letter for each alphabet or we could put B-X for example?
How does it know the letters in between?

The language I am interested is Greek.
If I understand right I should write:

Most synths won't be able to read this right I guess.
In the brackets I put the letters alpha and omega the first and the last letter of the Greek alphabet in lower and capital kace.

Assuming what I typed here is correct, can I delete the languages I don't need from the map such as the Russian, Chinese etc?

Thanks a lot.

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