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Hope Williamson

Here are some good examples of acquisitions that resulted in shutdowns. Twitter acquired a blogging platform in 2012.

They shut it down a year later.

Twitter did the same with Vine, which was a video sharing app. They acquired it in 2013.

It took about 3 years, but what was left of  Vine still got killed.

On 4/28/2021 6:48 AM, Gene wrote:
Your assumption is unsupported.  As was said here by another member,, Microsoft bought the company for its speech recognition software.  Microsoft has ;purchased companies before to aquire software they want to further develop and integrate into Windows. 
You seem to assume that most acquisitions are for suppression.  While I would think some are to eliminate competition, that can hardly be assumed. 
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Probably doesn't do any development at all. Most likely will be just a patent troll.

On 4/28/2021 1:43 AM, zvonimir stanečić, 9a5dsz wrote:

Yep, Microsoft bought Nuance, and cerence is a new company, which develops all old good nuance products, including text to speech synthesizers like vocalizer and eloquence.

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