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Yeah, but we have good examples of companies that was acquired by others too and continue working. Facebook acquired instagram and whatsapp and these two apps are still existing. Microsoft (the one about we are speaking) acquired github and it is working fine, same about skype. Oracle acquired sum microsystems and Java still exist.

El 28/04/2021 a las 16:58, Hope Williamson escribió:

Here are some good examples of acquisitions that resulted in shutdowns. Twitter acquired a blogging platform in 2012.

They shut it down a year later.

Twitter did the same with Vine, which was a video sharing app. They acquired it in 2013.

It took about 3 years, but what was left of  Vine still got killed.

On 4/28/2021 6:48 AM, Gene wrote:
Your assumption is unsupported.  As was said here by another member,, Microsoft bought the company for its speech recognition software.  Microsoft has ;purchased companies before to aquire software they want to further develop and integrate into Windows. 
You seem to assume that most acquisitions are for suppression.  While I would think some are to eliminate competition, that can hardly be assumed. 
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Probably doesn't do any development at all. Most likely will be just a patent troll.

On 4/28/2021 1:43 AM, zvonimir stanečić, 9a5dsz wrote:

Yep, Microsoft bought Nuance, and cerence is a new company, which develops all old good nuance products, including text to speech synthesizers like vocalizer and eloquence.

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