Strange problem with NVDA and LibreOffice

Michael Chopra

Hi everyone. I have a strange problem. It appears when using the ?Say all" command in NVDA with LibreOffice, the command does not work as expected. I use Caps lock as my NVDA modifier key and when I press it, normally it would start reading from the current cursor positon to the end of the document. It is not doing that in this instance. If I use the same command in Word, it works as expected.
I've been able to reproduce the issue multiple times and was wondering what was going on here. I'm usingĀ Version: (x64 of LibreOffice. I have a friend who was also able to reproduce the issue, we have both now switched back to word because of it.
My question then is this, is it an NVDA problem or is it a problem for LibreOffice to fix?
I'm also using the latest version of NVDA as well.
Thanks for your help.
From Michael.

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