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Hi both of you,
Just a brief "touch and go" into your discussion:  What about using the classic NVDA Key + F3 in order to reach the next occurence you are looking for ?
Hope that could help.
Daniel from Versailles France

Le 11/09/2016 14:54, Cearbhall O'Meadhra a écrit :



Yes, F6 and shift F6 moves between the various parts of the Word screen. Eventually F6 arrives at the search pane. This has three tabs headed “Search”, “Headings” and “Pages”. My problem occurs when the Search tool is in focus. Then I can type in a word that I want to find in the document. If this word occurs a few times in the document, I should get a list of results just below the search box. My problem is how to go through each of

these results to pick the one that I am looking for?


I am using Word 2010 in Windows 7 with NVDA 2016.3.


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Have you tried using f6 to move forward and shift f6 to move backward among whatever panes may be opened? 


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I am really struggling to find a good description of how to use the Navigation Pane in Word 2010 with NVDA or, indeed,  any screen reader!


Could anyone point me to a good tutorial or even set out the steps that they use to move through the results of a word search after pressing control-f in Word 2010, please?




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