Add-on Updater 21.05 released, extra steps required for NVDA alpha snapshot users #addonrelease


Hi all,

Add-on Updater May 2021 update is now available. This update fixes a critical compatibility issue with latest NVDA Development releases (specifically, alpha snapshots) and will start checking for updates to Console Toolkit, WinWizard, and Word Nav.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for NVDA alpha snapshot users: when trying to upgrade from earlier add-on releases, you will notice that Add-on Updater does not display results and NVDA plays error tones. You can use one of the following workarounds to upgrade to Add-on Updater 21.05:

  1. Download Add-on Updater 21.05 from:
  2. Open Python Console (Control+NVDA+Z) then type the following as exactly as shown (press Enter after each line):

import wx



After that, press Escape and Add-on Updater will present update check results. I advise using the first option as it is easier, and you won’t have to go through manual (or extra) steps in future releases unless the situation changes again.

The above workarounds are not applicable if you are using NVDA 2020.4 or earlier.



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