Re: a couple questions sparked by recent topics


Not sure why you would use beeps as such either.

Onecore is the new way windows does its voices, I think its the same stuff as cortana.

With the right voices and a few extras you can get extra access to some of those though sapi is the prefered platform.

Maybe there are slight quality improvements but its slight.

On 4/05/2021 12:35 pm, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
Hi all,
Two questions, both having been sparked by recent topics:
1. What's the difference between Windows One Core voices and Sapi5
voices? It seems I have the same voices with both systems, with the
addition to One Core of Mark.
2. I'm not sure I understand the speech and beeps setting that NVDA+S
toggles to? What's the difference between that and the beeps you get
with a progress bar?


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