nvda I'm looking for 3 add-ons


Hello everyone my name is Marinos I am from Greece I have tried to look for a website that has nvda add-ons other than the nvda homepage but I find a few On various pages which are not upgraded or have not been set to play on any nvda version is some very useful not only for me but also for others who need to have nvda in this version anyway I want to ask if there are any add-ons for the following nvda features 1. I want to read AnyDesk program can not to read the nvda when I run AnyDesk 2. add-on to read the nvda settings from programs that are antivirus and 3. if there is an add-on to be able to read the nvda with braille display here I have the question that I have found to buy some braille display bar but i am not sure the add-ons nvda itself will be accessible to work braille display bar anyone who knows some complete I will be happy to send you an answer I apologize for any mistakes in English but I do it via Google Translate

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