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Apologies and my note was a clear affirmation of the concept of the direct  connection between haste and waste!




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Yes, a good number of older films should be revisited to receive AD.


When few options were there, started looking for those that might address relationships and there again some outstanding examples but no AD.


What thoughts have you about R rated films?



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Yes being able to only OCR what is visible on screen is definitely a limitation.  I normally recommend setting documents to 100% zoom or page width etc.  If you have the document zoomed out so you can see 100 pages on screen, NVDA won't be able to recognise any text on such small pages.  If you have it zoomed in so you can only see one character, that's all it will be able to recognise.  Knowing the limitations, the OCR feature is useful, but doesn't replace a fully functional OCR program.


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The Windows 10 OCR built in to NVDA only recognises text that is visible on screen.

Thanks.  This is what I thought I had recalled about the scope of what gets OCRed.  Not that this can't be handy, that's for sure, but if I want an entire file OCRed I pre-process with the OCR software of my choosing before ever opening it in the PDF reader of my choosing.

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