Re: NVDA Stopped Reading Putty

Luke Davis

No idea in particular, but you might try the windows native ssh client. It may work better for some reason.
Or open a bash shell under WSL, and use SSH from there.

As for NVDA: try starting it with add-ons disabled. It may be that there was an add-on update, and it had a negative effect.

I don't know if the COM Registration Fixing Tool can help you here, but it won't hurt to try it (NVDA tools menu).

Also, normal Windows trouble shooting steps of
SFC /ScanNow
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Might help, depending on what's actually wrong.

May the fourth be with you all.

Gary wrote:

I am using the latest release of NVDA (2020.4) on Windows 10. My job
requires that I work on Linux systems ll day, which I do via Putty.
This afternoon, out of nowhere, NVDA stopped automatically reading the
output of the Putty windows, making my job impossible. I'm dead in
the water, basically.

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