Where are we with Seika braille displays driver?

Mallard <mallard@...>

Hello all,

For ages now, the Seika braille displays no longer work with NVDA. there are several issues, some of which have always been there, but the most annoying one, which prevents me from owrking at all, is the impossibility to pan horizontally along a line.

One can only see the first 40 charachets of any line, after which there is no other way to move on than right-arrowing till the display finally reaches the second part of the line.

I read more than once, on this list as well, that the problem was being worked on, but to date I have no news of a solution.

Have i missed anything? It's quite possible, sice I haven't followed the list much lately, but I haven't found naything relevant in the arhive.

Sorry if there are posts that I have missed.

Mods, please, don't bite my head off if the question has already been answered! lol!

Stay safe,


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