Re: Focus 14 Braille display and NVDA

dennis huckle

Can anybody tell me how I can get the source code for the braille extender add on for nvda
I don't of course wish to breach any copy right but may consider writing my own add on to try and replicate some jaws functions for nvda if that's allowed.
Kind regards,
Dennis huckle.

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In general, one can assign NVDA commands to key strokes within the gestures area of the main NVDA settings. I have no idea what features or documentation there is for the this add--on. But since NVDA does define several keystrokes for displays, I have to assume that at least those keystrokes that NVDA extends to provide some feedback should be easily mapped in NVDA to braille keys.
I decided t follow this thread hopping to hear about the basics of the braille extender but nobody has replied.
Take care!

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