Re: Focus 14 Braille display and NVDA


On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 10:52 AM, dennis huckle wrote:
Can anybody tell me how I can get the source code for the braille extender add on for nvda
Almost all of the NVDA add-ons are hosted on GitHub and since they're open source anyone is free to take the code and modify it to their heart's content.  BrailleExtender GitHub Page.

That being said, are you certain that what you're looking for may not already be possible?  The page for the add-on clearly states, "Once the add-on is installed, read the documentation and go through the settings using the BrailleExtender menu (located at the root of NVDA menu). The documentation is mainly generated automatically because it depends on the braille display in use."

What's available is directly dependent on the braille display that you're using.

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