Re: Reading MS Outlook emails with UIA settings

Mike Sedmak

I would highly recommend that you first start by creating a profile
for outlook, that way the UAI changes only apply to outlook.
From the NVDA menu select: Configuration profiles.
You could either create a manual profile so you can turn on UAI only
when desired. Or you could set it as an automatic profile )assuming
you opened the NVDA menu while Outlook was the focused application)

You can enable UAI in the NVDA settings.

preferences -> settings -> advanced
Read the warning and check the box to say you understand the risk

Go to the "Microsoft UI Automation" section
I turned on:

1. Enable selective registration for UI Automation events and property changes
2. Use UI Automation to access Microsoft Word document controls when available

On 5/5/21, Vaibhav Saraf <vaibhav.s.acc@...> wrote:
Hi Group,

In recent times I have seen many discussions around reading Outlook emails
with UIA settings on. Today I got a particular instance where I might need
to use that.

My teammate sent me a shape from Outlook Insert tab options with an alt on
it. NVDA doesn't recognizes it, Narrator reads it comfortably. I guess it
can be a protocol issue. Can someone guide me on how to turn on UIA in my

Also there is a question from my teammate's side. If she is going to put
this in a marketing campaign and send then what is the amount of users she
will be actually addressing? Considering that most sr users in her target
are NVDA users. In general how many users would be reading Outlook emails
with UIA on?


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