Re: Improving accessibility of Spotify for desktop

Sarah k Alawami

They already have a layout you can get ot that is fully accessible. I forgot how to do it but you need to edit a CFG file. My BF told me about it and I've seen him use it with no issues. I've been using spotify since 2017 in electron mode and it is grate.


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On 6 May 2021, at 10:06, Marco Oros wrote:


I don't know, where to post It. I'll try to post It here.

Maybe You know about Spotify. New interface is better accessible, than this previous. I think to Spotify for desktop. Sometimes NVDA don't read everything on Spotify, for example playlist view in 'Your library' ETC. Similar thing is with moving playlists to folders, althought with new interface Spotify's accessibility is better.

I don't know, how to programm, but please somebody make Spotify for desktop accessible with NVDA. It is very good software.

Thank You.

best regards

Marco Oros

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