Re: Password overload!

Sarah k Alawami

I use and love 1password. I tried last pass but could not import my stuff due to me being on the mac and it tfailing on windows.


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On 6 May 2021, at 15:44, ely.r@... wrote:

Evening you NVDA experts.


I am overwhelmed by the numbers of passwords needed to do my work. I have to many little Word files each with a secret spell to enter some web site or to start a program. I know there are password managers that promise to ease my anxiety, but I have no idea which of them to trust.

So, good doctors out there, does anyone use a reliable password manager that is accessible to NVDA, easy to use and will not send all those secret words out into the Ethernet.


Will your suggestions   be based on at least three months of experience, will your suggested manager work in most situations demanding a PW, and will it be easy to edit when needed?


Yes, I know there are drugs for anxiety. I am using those already. They have not fixed the password challenge.


Best, Rick and General, Guide Dog Extraordinaire ,

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