Re: Focus keeps shifting in NVDA


hi luke.
do you mean that even many laptops dont provide a keystroke for us to
disable builtin regular mouse of our laptops?
how about asus and dell latitude laptops?
do you have informations about these models?

On 4/28/21, Luke Davis <> wrote:
Brian Vogel wrote:

doubts about mouse tracking, as far as a regular mouse goes since most
don't keep them anywhere near to where they could bump them by accident,
and most
turn their mousepads off when they're using a screen reader.
Brian, my first thought was about mouse tracking also. Afaik most major
brands don't allow turning off the touchpad easily without installing some
of third party utility, unless you know something about it I don't?

I can do it on my MSI gaming laptop with FN+F3, but none of my HP laptops
support it that I've ever been able to find. Same for lower end Dells, I


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