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Did you place the entries in the dictionary at the same time or whenever you did, are they both still there?  Remove the American Samoa one, which is not correct.  That entry tells NVDA to say American Samoa when it sees as.  You placed American Samoa in the pronounced as field, if you did what you wrote you did.  Leave the as pronounced as as entry and see what happens. 
If that doesn’t work remove it.  Then try an entry with American Samoa in the pattern field and the word as in the pronounced as field.  You will never hear American Samoa spoken properly if you do this, it will be pronounced as as.  You’ll have to see if that solves the problem regarding how your synthesizer itself is programmed to pronounce it.

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Sent: Friday, May 07, 2021 5:56 AM
Subject: [nvda] default speech dictionary, as and American Samoa
Good Day!
While I read a news story today, I came across this sentence:
"Firefighters located a 3- to 4-acre woods fire threatening several
structures at 763 Bunker Hill Road as well as a self-storage facility
at 784 Bunker Hill Road."

within the news story the first as reads correctly but the 2nd as
reads "American Samoa". I have attempted, in vain, to deal with this
problem within the default speech dictionary with no resulting fix.  I
created 2 entries, they are:
#1. pattern: AS. Replacement: American Samoa. case: (i have tried both
on and off). type: anywhere.
and #2: pattern: as. Replacement: as. Case: off. type: anywhere.
Except for the capitalization of as, all punctuation here was simply
to make reading this Email read more sensibly.
I know I've done something that doesn't work, is there a solution I'm missing?
Thank You:
  Steve Hoad

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