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Greg Wocher

I currently use the family version of LastPass. The app on the iPhone is really good but the windows version is not the greatest. I’ve been thinking of switching but I have been a LastPass customer for several years. 

Greg Wocher

On May 7, 2021, at 7:05 AM, Greg Epley <greg.epley64@...> wrote:

I can't vouch for NVDA, but have been using 1Password with JAWS since 2018 or so. I used to use LastPass since it was free, but grew tired of the different ways I had to access it depending on what browser I was using, and finally decided a paid option was preferable.

For the most part, whichever password manager you go with should work under most decent screen readers so long as the password manager is coded with standard OS function. In other words, isn't coded in "eye candy" style for sighted users, like all those iTunes helpers for Windows. I can't say I've had too many problems getting to anything in 1Password, other than when doing an edit on a login, where I've found if I tab one too many times, I suddenly can't get back to any earlier point. My workaround for that has been to either not tab one too many times, or else shift-tab backward up through fields. It's a bit crazy, but it works, and there's always the option of using a web browser to edit entries. However, having said all that, my experience has been that once you get a login set up properly, there's rarely any need to edit a login. Kind of a set it and forget it sort of thing.

I LOVE the 1Password app for iPhone, especially with FaceID. I was previously having to type in my master password on the phone, but now, most times, all I need do is let FaceID do its thing and I'm in and moving along.

-Greg Epley

On 5/6/2021 6:44 PM, ely.r@... wrote:
Evening you NVDA experts.
I am overwhelmed by the numbers of passwords needed to do my work. I have to many little Word files each with a secret spell to enter some web site or to start a program. I know there are password managers that promise to ease my anxiety, but I have no idea which of them to trust. 
So, good doctors out there, does anyone use a reliable password manager that is accessible to NVDA, easy to use and will not send all those secret words out into the Ethernet. 
Will your suggestions   be based on at least three months of experience, will your suggested manager work in most situations demanding a PW, and will it be easy to edit when needed?
Yes, I know there are drugs for anxiety. I am using those already. They have not fixed the password challenge.
Best, Rick and General, Guide Dog Extraordinaire ,

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