Re: Uppercase pitch change is not clearly indicated with "Windows OneCore Microsoft Richard"

Giles Turnbull

I've always found the pitch change to be barely audible even when the level is ramped up! The problem with the "Say Cap" and "Beep for Caps" is that it doesn't do it when you are using Read All, only when you are navigating letter-by-letter. It also doesn't work if you are typing something and your settings are to read words rather than letters.

I discussed this on here back in September 2019 when, for my Masters dissertation, I badly needed to be able to spot if I had accidentally turned Caps Lock on and had been typing in uppercase letters where I didn't want to be! Ricardo Leonarczyk helpfully gave me a link to an NVDA dictionary file which contained a regular expression that would, as Ricardo described it, "when NVDA finds individual upper case letters, it will first say "cap" and after will speak the letter, without breaking the word (inserting a space). When it finds a sequence of uppercase characters it'll say "All cap" and the sequence of letters as a whole word."

That worked perfectly for what I needed at the time. I opened the dictionary file in Notepad and then copied and pasted the search field and replacement field text into an entry in my default.dic file, and then removed it once I was finished doing such detailed editing.

If you want to find that thread, it dates from September 2019 and has the subject of Identifying Capital Letters.

I don't know if this will be any help or interest, but I thought I'd mention it :)


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