Re: default speech dictionary, as and American Samoa

Patrick Le Baudour


I tried to narrow down the thing, seems it need a number, and a word like street, road, hill are needed to match.
based on the first one, I tried the pattern
replacing by
\1, \2
in regular expression mode, it seems to work.

-- Patrick

Le 07/05/2021 à 12:56, P.Stephen Hoad a écrit :
Good Day!
While I read a news story today, I came across this sentence:
"Firefighters located a 3- to 4-acre woods fire threatening several
structures at 763 Bunker Hill Road as well as a self-storage facility
at 784 Bunker Hill Road."
within the news story the first as reads correctly but the 2nd as
reads "American Samoa". I have attempted, in vain, to deal with this
problem within the default speech dictionary with no resulting fix. I
created 2 entries, they are:
#1. pattern: AS. Replacement: American Samoa. case: (i have tried both
on and off). type: anywhere.
and #2: pattern: as. Replacement: as. Case: off. type: anywhere.
Except for the capitalization of as, all punctuation here was simply
to make reading this Email read more sensibly.
I know I've done something that doesn't work, is there a solution I'm missing?
Thank You:
Steve Hoad

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