Re: default speech dictionary, as and American Samoa

Patrick Le Baudour

Regular expressions capture the largest possible match by default, this is probably also the reason only the second as is affected by that problem

-- Patrick

Le 07/05/2021 à 17:20, Brian Vogel a écrit :
On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 11:13 AM, Patrick Le Baudour wrote:
I tried to narrow down the thing, seems it need a number, and a word
like street, road, hill are needed to match.
But since it's the second "as" in the phrase "as well as" that's the problem, and the original text was, "at 763 Bunker Hill Road as well as" I'm not quite sure how that regex would help.  It seems to capture the part, "763 Bunker Hill Road as", which is not the problem "as" in this case.
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