Re: faced 2 problems while using zoom with NVDA

Sarah k Alawami

For your first question you won't be able to access the slides. They are images. For your second question I am able to tab to links, if not access the text file that will be there at the end of your chat. Or save the chat and the text file will update.


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On 7 May 2021, at 2:34, Sharad Koirala wrote:

hi group members,

I am facing two problems while using zoom with NVDA:
1. I am not able to access the screen someone has shared in a meeting,
for e.g. when I am attending a powerpoint presentation I cannot access
the slides the presenter has shared during the presentation
2. I am not able to access a link shared in the chat box (I even tried
to copy it when I could not open the link with no success)

what could be the solutions to these problems?


Dr. Sharad Koirala
Department of Community Medicine
Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara, Nepal

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