Re: Thunderbird not entering trash folder

Daniel McGee

Hi Brian

Thanks for telling me about the server settings under the account section. For some reason, I completely tabbed over the treeview where the server settings are held and missed even more settings than I know what to do .

Trash was already selected, but I re selected it in the combo box after double checking what was in there. Now mail is moving to trash as expected.

Thunderbird is such a powerful email client!

Thanks again


On 08/05/2021 03:01, Brian Vogel wrote:

Yes.  Thunderbird lets you control what happens when you delete a message.

If you open Account Settings for the account where it's not going to trash, then open Server Settings, there is a section with three radio buttons that is entitled, When I delete a message.  The three radio button choices are:

1. Move it to a folder (followed by a dropdown that allows you to select the folder, which defaults to something other than Trash on your account's IMAP server).
2. Just mark it as deleted.
3. Remove it immediately.

If you have anything other than the first choice chosen, or you have the first choice chosen but have not set the folder to Trash under that Gmail account on the server, it's going somewhere else.

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