Re: Enquiry about add-ons for Audio Production Software

dennis huckle

The only add on I can find is the one for goldwave.
Not really looked in to how it works yet because you will know I have been researching braille commands for nvda and braille displays.
The goldwave add on is in the list of add ons listed in get addons.
Not much help I know but hope it puts you in the right direction.
Kind regards,
Dennis huckle.

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Charlie Dyasi wrote:

Reaper, I have it installed on my laptop, but my laptop is so old, it takes for ever just open up reaper at least in half an hour.
I suspect you will have that problem with any of the high-end audio software. Even Audacity doesn't perform well on older machines, at least not for transcoding or FX tasks.
I can't imagine that Protools will either; it has always been a resource hog.


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