Re: a couple questions sparked by recent topics

Luke Davis

Monte Single wrote:

I think the voices you mentioned are Micro Soft One Core voices that come with win10.
Sorry Monte, but they are SAPI5 voices that come with Win 10.
You can confirm this by pressing NVDA+Control+s, changing your synth to SAPI5, and pressing OK.
Then pressing NVDA+control+v, and going through the voices that are listed.

I believe this was originally an install of Windows 10, 1809, and I certainly never chose to download any SAPI voices.

The second voice you mentioned, Zira, is actually spelled z a r a, Zara.
I'm sorry again, but no, it isn't. If you spell the word as it appears in NVDA's voice list when set to SAPI5, you will find that it is Zira, Z i r a, as Louise mentioned.


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