Re: a couple questions sparked by recent topics

hurrikennyandopo ...


I do not know what format speech platform voices are. I thought they were sapi 5 but does not say.

I do have a complete package of them with other languages in a zip format. but is about 400 meg.

They if i remember right have also the modern RH voices as well. You will need a program like winrar or winzip to open then install from.

The link to this drop box account is <>

for the speech platform voices the runtime file must be installed first all the rest are voices.

Gene nz

On 9/05/2021 1:28 pm, Louise Pfau wrote:
Rats.  I like the quality of the Microsoft voices.  I want to get a few more of them in SAPI format if that's possible.  I know that "Windows OneCore" isn't the same thing.



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