Re: a couple questions sparked by recent topics


which voices i recieve if i download your zip folder?
thanks and God bless you!

On 5/9/21, hurrikennyandopo ... <> wrote:

I do not know what format speech platform voices are. I thought they
were sapi 5 but does not say.

I do have a complete package of them with other languages in a zip
format. but is about 400 meg.

They if i remember right have also the modern RH voices as well. You
will need a program like winrar or winzip to open then install from.

The link to this drop box account is

for the speech platform voices the runtime file must be installed first
all the rest are voices.

Gene nz

On 9/05/2021 1:28 pm, Louise Pfau wrote:
Rats. I like the quality of the Microsoft voices. I want to get a
few more of them in SAPI format if that's possible. I know that
"Windows OneCore" isn't the same thing.



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