Re: Bluetooth speakers with Windows

Kevin Cussick

Yes correct. OK then now what.

On 09/05/2021 22:21, Gene wrote:
Since neither add-on solves the problem, I am suspicious that the problem isn’t the usual one. Anything that keeps the sound card active, such as Silenzio, as I understand it, should solve the problem and I would expect the Add-on Brian referenced to solve it as well.
We need more information. does the problem occur when and only when there has been no audio for a time or does it occur at other times? We assumed the problem occurred after a period of no audio but since the expected solutions don’t work, we have to see if our assumptions are correct.
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that did not work for me either.
On 09/05/2021 11:31, Steve Nutt wrote:
No, but I think Silenzio will. That add-on is not great, I tested it.

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well for me this addon did not fix the blue tooth audio cutting off words.

On 08/05/2021 15:14, Brian Vogel wrote:
Because of how Windows handles power management (and sleeping) for
Bluetooth. There's actually an add-on to address this issue:



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