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But if you are recording material the PC is actually playing, the most simple solution may well be virtual recorder.  then you can use MP3 Direct Cut for editing.  MP3 Direct cut can’t record from your computer itself unless you have a soundcard that supports Stereo Mix, also known by other names including What You Hear.  On board sound, which a typical computer has when sold, usually doesn’t support that option.  An external USB sound card that does is the usual solution.  But Virtual Recorder solves the problem.  It can record what your computer plays even if the onboard sound or sound card you are using doesn’t.

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If you are just wanting to record programs and not do any serious editing, then all you'll need is mp3 Direct Cut. This will do the job nicely and will also let you edit out commercials or the beginning and the end of the show if you get a few minutes you don't need. NVDA has an add on for mp3 Direct Cut and works very well.  Best of all, it's FREE! :)
On 5/9/2021 1:47 PM, Arlene wrote:

I am interested in learning how to record shows like 48 hours from this computer. I thought I had to use Reaper. Someone told me if you record from the PC it does pick up the screen reader weather you use JAWS, NVDA etc. but with a Mac you don’t pick up the screen reader when using Audio High Jack that the Mac uses.


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On 2021-05-09 1:49 p.m., Arlene wrote:

Hi, Does Reaper pick up NVDA while using it to record shows? 


That all depends on which audio device you are recording through, how you have things routed etc. If you want to do something simple like record a show, you probably don't need Reaper.



Does it matter how fast your prosessor works while using Reaper? 

Again, for doing what? Playing back a 100+ track project with lots of virtual instruments and effects processing? Yes. For recording a single thing onto one track, no.





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