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I agree with Brian that registry cleaners should not be used unless there is reason to believe a problem is a registry problem and if so, I think the problem should be asked about anyway first much of the time because those with technical knowledge may suggest other solutions that might be better tried first.
If Brians suggestions don’t help,, or if you want to try this first, do you have a reversion program such as System Restore or something else available?  Also, is there an event after which the problem started such as a Windows update or running a registry cleaner or something else, even an improper shut down?

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Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 1:00 AM
Subject: [nvda] Problem with installing NVDA - Computer rebooting
Hello all,
My apologies for the long post that will follow, but I am aiming to provide as much information as possible.
I am using an Intel I9 processor, 32 GB RAM and the motherboard is an Asus Z390m-Plus. I am also using Windows 10 Version 20H2.
Recently my NVDA when starting would reboot my system. I attempted to re-install NVDA with no success and the computer would reboot just after the initial melody and the three rising pitched tones. I attempted to uninstall and then use a clean install of NVDA with the same result.
Tried to install with the --install-silent flag and with the same result.
Use CCleaner to go through any registry and no change to the rebooting at the start of the installation.
Also attempted to install using a different audio card with no change.
If there are any ideas what I can do to rectify this I would appreciate suggestions.
thanks and regards
Mark Muscat

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