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Robert Doc Wright godfearer

I had to leave 5.7 because when I clicked on a particular server it completely kicked me out of Team Talk. When I downgraded to 5.6,.3 the problem was resolved.

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Hi all.

currently teamtalk 5.7.1 latest beta and stable build has an issue refferenced here.

A few people including myself have had an issue with the latest version.

It appears at least in preffs that saving preffs after changing sound devices which are always using default device or internal devices for whatever reason simply will not work.

Users do say it will hang for a long time and will possibly not come back.

For now I'd go back to the previous version of 5.6 if you really need the program to save settings.

The issue sadly does take nvda out forcing me to restart.

This is not in itself an issue as even if nvda did not freez I still wouldn't be able to use the program.

The log fragment etc is refferenced in the issue though I do want to get a teamtalk log if I can find out how to generate it.

I don't need teamtalk for the moment but just a heads up, if you want the latest classic there is a showstopping bug right now.

Basically what it boils down to is you can't save configuration at all!

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