Re: NVDA and Edge Chromium

Ben J. Bloomgren

Thank you, Fernando, I'll try that out. I had liked Edge before the update.


On May 12, 2021, at 17:47, Fernando Apan <> wrote:

Hi there.
I had the same problem back a few days ago and I tryed repairing Microsoft edge from the control panel. That fixed the issue and now I'm able to open the favorites just as I did before that update. Hope that helps. If you have any question just email me.
Stay well.
Fernando Apan.

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El 12 may 2021, a las 12:51, Chris Shook <> escribió:

I recently updated my computer and after the Update, I'm having difficulty accessing the favorites menu. I can open the menu, but I can't seem to navigate it. It calls it a dialogue, but it's like it locks up.
Is anyone having that issue? If so, do you know of a work around?

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