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Also consider using APA Style checker software, which flags obvious errors.  I haven't had to write a paper in APA Style in 20 years now, but these were very useful when I did for catching "small errors" I might not otherwise have caught after reading and re-reading and re-reading until I was practically numb.


I can't speak to accessibility for any of them, so that would be one of your jobs to determine which one or ones might be accessible.  But as a graduate student finding one that is could make your life much easier.

Also, a more general recommendation (that I know is sometimes hard to follow):  Try to write your papers far enough ahead of time that you can walk away from them for a few days (at a minimum) to over a week before going back and proofing them.  It makes it so much easier to see errors.  When in the heat of writing it's just so easy to see "what I meant to write" rather than "what I actually wrote" in many cases.  Mental "auto-correct" has amazing power when you're actively working on something.  After just a bit of time and distance, that power wanes, and that's a good thing as far as proofing goes.

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