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I don’t think this has anything to do with NVDA, but in my case, when I start a download, no dialog appears that asks me if I want to download it.  I have Edge set to ask me every time.  I’d have to play more, but I’m not sure the download actually begins.  I can cause the download to begin by opening the downloads folder, control j, turning off browse mode, and looking around.  There is a split save as button I can activate and see a download dialog.  But before, this wasn’t necessary.

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At this point I doubt I'm the only one who is completely lost about what issue(s) are being experienced and how to trigger them.

May I suggest that those still experiencing issues report:
1.  The browser, including version number for same
2.  Describe the issue.
3.  Give the steps one must do to trigger it?

There's been a lot of water flowing under this proverbial bridge.

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