Re: NVDA and Edge Chromium


Your problems are far more numerous than mine.  The download problem is the only one I have.  I can access everything else with no problems. 
If these were general problems, we would see an avalanche of complaints and discussion on various lists but I’ve seen none other than this thread.  I don’t know what the problem is so I won’t make further suggestions.
It will be interesting if we see reports from JAWS users but I doubt they will tell us anything useful, given the evident lack of people who have the problem who use NVDA.  The best test for your specific case would be for you to download a JAWS demo and see what happens on your machine, or if you don’t want to do that, see what happens when you use Narrator.

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Hi all,
I'd like to clarify, edge still works, but I can't access the
downloads, history, or favorites.
Has anyone tried to use Edge Chromium with JAWS to see what happens?

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