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On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 04:48 PM, Louise Pfau wrote:
that should've been left alone when the recent updates were installed.
Never gonna happen.  And I have been every bit as frustrated by certain changes as those here are about this one.

There is no constant but change, and nowhere is change more constant than in the world of computing.  You either go with the flow or get drowned.  There is no choice about it.

And that's why accessibility has those two steps forward, one step back episodes.  Sometimes it's the fault of the screen reader makers, who were notified of changes well in advance of their releases but they didn't make the necessary changes in time to have everything work.  Sometimes it's the fault of the other software maker (Microsoft in this case, but not always) where they drop a change that no one in the developer communities was ever informed was coming.  That's never going to change, either, which is why prompt submission of bug reports/feedback/calling support lines when these occur is critical.  No one can fix anything when they don't know it's happening.

And all of the above is true independent of one's visual status and also applies beyond strictly accessibility issues, too.  The way issues not caught by telemetry are identified is via direct complaints from end users, and the number and swiftness of those complaints does play in to priority setting as far as waiting fixes.

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