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Any time you don’t see what you should or what you think you should in these kinds of dialogs, turn off browse mode.  I haven’t seen this discussed, but these sorts of structures seem to me like hybrid dialogs, sort of dialogs that use a web interface somewhat.  If you turn off browse mode you will be able to see things.
Also, there are times in these sorts of dialogs where you will see most things but you may not see one important thing.  It’s a good idea to turn off browse mode and look around to see if you are missing anything when it is on.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA and Edge Chromium
WHen I use NVDA with EDge and I click on favorites, it says dialogue
pain, but doesn't say anything else.
If I restart NVDA, then I can see the favorites menu sometimes.
If I hit control J to activate the downloads folder, nothing happens.
Same if I try and open the history folder.
Narrator will let me read these menus, but I still can't navigate them.
I've tried installing Edge again and running a repair, but nothing works.

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