Re: NVDA and Edge Chromium


On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 07:38 PM, Gene wrote:
You have to restart programs in general.

Indeed.  But jumping back specifically to Chromium-based browsers, unless it's not exposed to the screen reader, you should get a notification that an Update is available when you throw focus to the browser menu key.  And, invariably, if you choose to update it will tell you that the update will be applied after the browser is relaunched, and then ask you if you want to relaunch now.

If you have your browser set up to open "where I left off" then answering in the affirmative immediately will cause the browser to relaunch and you end upon precisely the same page in the same tab (though not usually at the same place in the page) as soon as it launches again.  In other cases you may need to postpone so that you don't lose your place and your currently open tabs and windows (if applicable).

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