subtitles on youtube and navigation keys in word.

Ali Colak

Hello everyone,
I have two seperate questions on two differents.
First, though nvda seems to read some close captioning on youtube, it
doesn't update when the caption changes. I have to arrow up and down
to find the spot where it can read the captioning again. How can I
make sure that it reads the captions as they come in? Note, these are
the regular captions that NVDA can read, not the subtitling I have to
access through the lion app and OCR.

Second, their is i believe a keystroke that enables us to use
navigation keys in documents, such as those in word, such that when we
press in stead of entering h it it goes to the next heading. I have
both foregoten what it was called and the keystroke itself. If some
one could tell me please?


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