Re: NVDA and APA Style

Sandra Pilz


I am not sure if I understand your question right. If you are asking what you could do to make sure your APA citations are formatted correctly, I would recommend that you use citation software.

I have started to use Zotero a few months ago and it makes things so much easier. Since APA is very widely used, probably the bibliography it creates will be fine, provided you enter your sources correctly in Zotero. There may be a bit of a learning curve, but I think its absolutely worth it.

the only thing I wished would be more accessible is copying and moving sources from one collection to another. You have to use drag and drop to do that. If you search the NVDA list archives, there was a discussion on Zotero where someone described which setting to change in Zotero so that the Woord plugin becomes accessible.



Am 13.05.2021 um 05:37 schrieb Kelly, Kathleen:

GS seeks feedback on NVDA and APA Style, the writing/format citation style used in academic papers. I have turned on all the punctuation functions to get NVDA to read the parentheses, periods, and italics, etc. but it is creating an auditory overload. Ideas? Thanks. 

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