Re: faced 2 problems while using zoom with NVDA

Eilana Benish

Hello everybody

I don't think that we can change the option to enter slide shows or websites that are shared with share screen on zoom. when someone shares a screen it is like you are watching TV or other video content so you cannot access the shared screen

The only way to interact with someone else is screen is if the other side gives you remote control when sharing screen. in addition, in order to use the other one computer with screen reader they will have to install screen reader on their computer.

As far as the links on the chat panel - here's what I do with NVDA

·         I open the chat panel with Alt + h - which is the default keyboard shortcut inszoom

·         the cursor is located at the message area where you can type a message.

·         if you don't want to type a message you can press tab to move to the messages list.

·         keep pressing tab to move to the next message and  Shift + TAB  to go back to the previous message.

In the last version of zone that I have, moving between messages in the list message cannot be achieved with the up and down arrow keys

·         to open the link press enter when the URL receives focus.


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Here's some additional follow-up to Sarah's suggestions.  Apologies for all of this detail.  I hope some of it may be helpful.

There's a "Save Chat" button, in the Chat window, under the "More Chat Options" button.  You can use this button to save the chat at any time, as many times as you like during a Zoom meeting.  NVDA does not announce anything when you press the "Save Chat" button, but if you tab backwards a few times, you'll land on a "Show in Folder" button, which will open a File Explorer window that has your saved chat text file.

It looks like this save chat function will save any updates to the same file, so you'll only have one saved chat file, for each meeting.  Even if the function to automatically save chat at the end of the meeting has been enabled, it looks like that also updates the same file.  So any time you open this file, it should contain all of the chat messages, as of the last time chat was saved in that meeting.

Note that in Zoom versions 4.5.0 or later, there is a setting under the "Meetings" tab, that would allow a host to "Prevent participants from saving chat".  This setting is different from, and independent of the "Auto saving chats" setting, which only saves chat at the end of the meeting.  Not surprisingly, if I start a Zoom meeting with the "Prevent participants from saving chat" setting enabled, I can't make it available during that meeting, even if I change the setting.



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That's the problem I have with accessing things on Zoom, I can't seem to access anything until the chat is saved at the end of the meeting.
I can read messages, but I can't seem to copy them to the clipboard until the meeting is ended, when a text file pops up with the entire chat up to the point you copied.

On 5/7/21, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:
> For your first question you won't be able to access the slides. They are
>   images. For your second question I am able to tab to links, if not
> access the text file that will be there at the end of your chat. Or
> save the chat and the text file will update.
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> On 7 May 2021, at 2:34, Sharad Koirala wrote:
>> hi group members,
>> I am facing two problems while using zoom with NVDA:
>> 1. I am not able to access the screen someone has shared in a
>> meeting, for e.g. when I am attending a powerpoint presentation I
>> cannot access the slides the presenter has shared during the
>> presentation 2. I am not able to access a link shared in the chat box
>> (I even tried to copy it when I could not open the link with no
>> success)
>> what could be the solutions to these problems?
>> thanks,
>> --
>> Dr. Sharad Koirala
>> Lecturer
>> Department of Community Medicine
>> Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara, Nepal


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