Re: NVDA running on a budget laptop

Greg Epley <greg.epley64@...>

Others correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe "ReadyBoost" is a Microsoft Windows feature, so it's just part of Windows. As far as the trick working, however, I've tried it on two laptops, but am told they are each already running as fast as they can. Basically that "ReadyBoost" won't help performance. So, using ReadyBoost is NOT a given performance booster available to anyone and everyone. Also, sorry that all my posts have been "echoing", but for whatever strange reason, Mozilla Thunderbird has "Reply to List" ghosted, and I couldn't even get the "Reply to Group" send mail link to do a darned thing when I clicked it, so I am hoping this makes it to the list, though it's doing so without quoting the original message given the crazy way I had to trigger any reply whatsoever.

-Greg Epley

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