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On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 02:21 AM, Jeff Samco wrote:
to be  confident the laptop won't frustrate me.
And right there is the key point.  One can definitely use a "less finely specced" machine than one's home workhorse when all it's meant for is light duty emailing, web browsing, word processing, and even streaming, but even when something with really minimum spec works (and I have an ancient Gateway with 4GB and old Intel processor that does), "works" is often not enough to make one feel OK while using it.

You still want the speed and responsiveness you're used to on your regular machine, but just for lighter loads.  With Windows 10, it's almost certain that you will not have that experience with under 8GB of RAM, and you absolutely won't if you've got less than that with a really old processor and a conventional HDD.   SSDs can and do gain you a lot of zippy-ness when it comes to tasks that are disk I/O intensive.  Boot times shrink incredibly.  But for stuff that's not disk I/O intensive, and the intended uses aren't, your throttling point is typically from the combination of processing power and RAM, which are intimately related in that a poor processor with lots of RAM could, in theory, work better than a mediocre (or good) processor with insufficient RAM.  

Windows 10, and all modern OSes, are now built to absolutely maximize their exploitation of available RAM to make faster performance (from the user perspective, anyway) happen.

I've never owned anything near to a "flagship machine" myself, because I don't have the need for that kind of processing power or speed.  I have, at times past, had to get "the cheapest thing possible" so I've lived with these long term, and it wasn't fun.

Often even small increases in price on the lower end of the market get you some pretty substantial performance boosts.

In the end, I'm really not telling anyone what they should buy, because I can't know that.  Only the individual making the choice knows what is "minimally acceptable" to them.  But I am trying to identify factors to consider.  You have to make the choice in the end, and what's right for me, or any random someone else, may not be right for you.

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