Re: [Solved] office 2019 and outlook


& if I'm not mistaken (& I could well be, it happens w/some degree of
regularity), some of the privacy settings can also affect whether
addresses are auto-completed.

On 5/16/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

This has been coming up again and again on several groups as people are
getting new machines or setting up completely fresh copies of Office.

Outlook does not use your Contacts for autocomplete, but a list it compiles
as you send e-mail messages out.  Autocomplete often contains addresses not
in your Contacts.  I talked about this briefly (as do the articles
referenced) on the JAWS Group here:

When you have a brand-spankin' new installation of Outlook there is no
existing autocomplete list unless you've taken the time to have exported it
prior to the new install, and going through the steps to import that data
into the new install.  This is also talked about in the articles I reference
in the message above.

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